Study programmes

A study programme is an individualised course, tailored for a particular person. In other words, each one is unique. Specifically, a study programme consists of a different components selected to suit someone’s level of skills and career aims. Students will attend our training centre for 3 days a week. Additionally, they do work experience with local employers once they have developed your skills.

A study programme is for school leavers aged 16 to 18 who aren’t ready for an apprenticeship. Similarly, it’s also open to anyone aged 19 to 24 who has a special educational needs statement

What is included on a study programme?


You will work towards a qualification that gives you the practical skills and background knowledge needed to get a job. It’ll be specific to your chosen industry such as hairdressing or music.

Skills to find work

You’ll develop good interview skills. You also learn how to look for a job effectively, and produce a strong CV.

Work experience

Our study programme gives you really valuable work experience in your chosen industry

Enrichment activities

You will broaden your horizons through enrichment activities. Also, they’ll improve your confidence, interpersonal skills and attitude to challenges!

Maths and English

Finally, you’ll get the chance to develop your maths and English skills. So you’ll greatly improve your chances of finding a job


Once you’ve completed your study programme, you can progress onto a traineeship or an apprenticeship.


If the student lives in a household with an income of less than £25,000 per year, they may be entitled to a bursary for lunch and travel costs.


To find out more about study programmes at Mode, please contact us.

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