Does staff development impact on morale?

Staff morale is much more than ensuring staff are highly trained. For me it is ensuring staff have a sense of purpose of their role and the ability to push their own boundaries to new levels, thinking outside of the box, taking on new challenges.  We have certainly seen this recently at Mode.

Dyslexia Check 

Curriculum senior manager Emma Sinnett and learner support advisor Danielle Tyrrell recently attended a training session on the use of Dyslexia Check delivered by Brian Quinn of tpm at The Dyslexia Foundation funded by GMLPF to support Key to Apprenticeship providers. The system will be rolled out later this month across all our programmes, Danielle who has a daughter who is dyslexic said “The system is excellent and easy to navigate, it will further enhance the support learners are given from identification and throughout their qualification, I can’t wait to get it started.”

Photographic fashion shoot 

Meanwhile in our hairdressing department Tutors Michael Flood and Joanne McCormick (Bardhi) attended a one day photographic training day in preparation of entering Revlon International Stylemasters competition. The course was delivered at Revlon Training Academy in Stockport by Desmond Murray a former Hairdresser of the Year.

Both Michael and Joanne commented on how the day had given them the opportunity to come out of their comfort zone and enter into the exciting world of photo shoots. Seeing first hand the interaction between hairdresser, stylist, make up artist, model and photographer in the quest for that one shot was a fantastic experience and one they are excited to not only put into practice for their own photo shoot but also pass onto their learners.

Mental health toughness 

With identified mental health issues on the rise amongst young people, the opportunity for recruitment advisor Michael Fielding MBE to attend a mental health toughness course was welcomed, bringing the total of staff who have completed the training to 3.  Following completion of the course Michael said “It is always good to update your skills, knowing the support you are giving young people is not only improving their  employment opportunities but also impacting on their mental wellbeing is a great feeling.”  The course was funded through Knowsley HeadStart programme and run across 3 full days.

So to answer the question “Does staff development impact on morale?” just pop along to Mode and you will see evidence of this all around you, from new strategies in place to support learners to staff passing on their creative skills and expertise on the latest fashion shoots, and all this with a spring in their step and a smile on their face I would say investment well spent.

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