School programmes: the benefits

Schools benefits

Benefits to schools:

  • Higher pupil achievement
    Vocational options enable less academic pupils to achieve recognised qualifications, impacting positively on schools’ achievement rates.
  • Enhanced league table positioning
    Mode’s courses attract between 50 and 100 SCAAT points each, boosting schools’ capacity to improve their league table position.
  • Outstanding pupil support
    Mode draws up individual programmes of tailored support for each student, with intensive services available if necessary, to ensure students have the best chance of achieving their qualifications

Benefits to students

  • Qualifications
    Students achieve recognised vocational qualifications which boost self-esteem, motivation and future career prospects.
  • Skills
    Students develop practical skills and industry knowledge, as well as interpersonal and team working skills.
  • Experience
    Students are exposed to new learning environments (including work settings), providing useful insight and experience.
  • Progression
    Students who complete their programme can progress onto a study programme, traineeship or an apprenticeship, and are generally more likely to continue with training or further education.
  • Support
    Students receive tailored support whilst on the programme, with reviews taking place as often as is necessary for students’ invidual requirements. Intensive schedules of support are available for students in special circumstances such as those who are excluded, in care or under medical supervision.

If you are a school learning mentor who would like to find out more about our school offer give one of our team a call on 0151 709 4640 who will arrange for you to come and take a look around the training centre.

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