Student journey

This page explains the steps that a Mode student typically goes through once they’ve completed an application

Step 1: Interview & initial assessment

Once we’ve received your application, we’ll invite you to Mode for an informal interview to:

  • help you decide if the course is right for you
  • help us work out if the course is suited to your needs.
  • see whether you need any additional support from us, such as help with maths, English or if you need specialist equipment

We’ll advise you on your options if the course turns out not be suited to your needs.

Step 2: Induction

Once you sign onto your course, you’ll be invited to an induction day at Mode when you’ll:

  • meet your assessor, tutors and other Mode staff
  • get an overview of the various units of your qualification
  • receive an induction pack which explains exactly what is expected of you and what you can expect of Mode

Step 3: Individual learning plan

At the start of training your individual learning plan will be developed. This sets out how you are going to achieve your qualification. To develop a plan:

  • your assessor gives you advice on how to achieve your qualification units
  • you agree with your assessor and employer how you’re going to achieve your qualification
  • your indivivdual learning plan is produced with long and short term targets to work towards

Step 4: Teaching and learning

You’ll be taught theory and practical skills in your place of work. With some of our programmes such as apprenticeships, you’ll also attend training sessions at the Mode training centre. During these sessions you build on the skills you’re developing in the workplace. If you have additional learning needs, you receive specialist support during these sessions.

Step 5: Reviews and support 

You receive a formal review in the workplace at least once every 10 weeks to check if you’re progressing in line with your invidual learning plan. If you need additional support, these visits will be every 4 weeks. Your review is a chance for you to let us know if you’re having any problems affecting your training. Our support and development advisors will help you sort these out.

Step 6: Assessment

Assessments are part of your course. You’ll be assessed in your place of work by a Mode assessor. You might also have assessments at Mode’s training centre. Assessments include observations and written or oral questions, depending on what’s most appropriate. You’ll have lots of opportunity to discuss what’s expected of you before your assessments take place. You’ll agree a schedule of assessments with your assessor.  If you feel confident, you can ask to be assessed sooner.

Step 7: Achievement

You receive high quality teaching, support, information, advice and guidance throughout your course to ensure you have the best opportunity to achieve your qualification. Students’ achievements are celebrated each year at Mode’s Annual Celebration of Achievement.

Step 8: Progression 

After you’ve finished your course, you’re encouraged to keep learning. A Mode advisor will help you explore further qualifications to help you progress along your chosen career path.  If appropriate, they will help you enrol on another course.

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