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student - apprenticeships eligibility

Apprenticeship eligibility

To be eligible for an apprenticeship, an individual should be:

  • Aged over 16 (19+ funding is available however it can be limited)
  • Living in England
  • Not in full time education
  • Employed for at least 30 hours a week
    • Under special circumstances, where the individual is unable to work for 30 hours, the minimum can be dropped to 16.
    • If the individual is not employed, then Mode will find a suitable vacancy with an employer.
    • If the individual applying for an apprenticeship is already employed, they should be receiving at least the apprentice minimum wage

Traineeship eligibility

To be eligible for a traineeship, an individual should be:

  • Aged 16-24 inclusive, including young people with learning difficulty assessments or health care plans
  • Living in England
  • Not currently in a job and have little work experience
  • Qualified below level 3
  • Have a reasonable chance of being ready for employment or an apprenticeship within 6 months

Study programme eligibility

To be eligible for a study programme, an individual should be:

  • Aged 16-18 or up to age 24 if have a learning difficulty assessment or health care plan
  • Living in England
  • Have the ability to complete a level 2 qualification
  • Do not have the entry requirements for an apprenticeship

On all programmes applicants must be committed to completing their individual learning plan, this will include a framework of qualifications and work experience depending on route following.

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