Mode DJ Academy

From amateur to professional DJ in 8 weeks

Get the skills you need to work as a professional digital DJ – even if you’ve never touched a pair of decks before. Follow in the footsteps of many previous Mode students who have gone on to become successful club DJs, or relax and enjoy the course for fun.

At our state of the art city centre studios, our experienced professional DJs and tutors will guide you through the theory and practice so that you become confident to perform your own live DJ set. With the programme covering use of both software and hardware, at the end of eight weeks you’ll be a dab hand at Rekordbox or Serato and know CDJs inside out.

The Mode DJ Academy course consists of 8 full day sessions – run one day a week over 8 weeks. The 8 sessions included are:

  1. Think Like a DJ
  2. Take on Beat-matching
  3. Get to Grips with Tempo
  4. Make Your Music Stand Out with FX
  5. Live Performance Techniques
  6. Playlist to DJ Set
  7. Professional DJ Set
  8. Turning Professional

Topics covered in the sessions include:

  • Equipment set up
  • Theory of successful DJ’ing
  • Features of decks
  • Potential pitfalls & how to avoid them
  • Storing music
  • Rekord box vs Serato
  • Beat-matching
  • Sound & tempo
  • Special effects
  • Equalization & phrasing
  • Track selection
  • How to use hot cues & loops
  • Live performance techniques
  • Practical preparation for a live gig
  • Editing on the fly
  • Structuring your set

Optional additional workshops:

3 hour hands on workshop to how to master this tricky mixing technique

Produce your own intro in our state of the art studio backed up with coaching and tips from our professional DJ

When does the next DJ Academy course start?
The Mode DJ Academy course is a rolling programme with start dates every month throughout 2017. Contact us to find out the next start date.

The Mode DJ Academy programme is very popular and there are only limited spaces on each course to allow for plenty of individual tutor-to-student time. If all places are full for the next start date, we will put you on the waiting list for the following month.

How much does the DJ Academy course cost?

The DJ Academy course is an 8 full-day session programme, which works out at just £62.50 a day. A small investment in return for professional training which gives you earning potential as a paid DJ.

An initial deposit of £150 is required at the start of the programme, with a £50 charge for each of the following 7 weeks. Why not ask friends and family to buy you a Mode voucher for Christmas or a birthday gift to put towards the cost of the course?

Who is it for?

The course is suitable for those at beginner or intermediate level. It’s perfect whether you want to build skills to become a professional, or just enjoy it as a hobby.


Meet your tutor and fellow students; learn how to set up DJ equipment; introduction to the basic features of decks; the theory of being a DJ; Potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

At this early stage we will introduce you to the two main approaches for practical DJ’ing. Learn about different ways to store and play your music; debate the pros and cons of Rekord box vs Serato. The aim of this first session is to help you reach a decision on the direction you want to take in your DJ career.

This session is all about sound, tempo and taking on beat matching! Get tips from a top professional DJ about operating levels and bpm. This is the foundation for working as a DJ and teaches you how to keep an audience entertained.

Mastering the skill of beat matching means you will be able to transition smoothly between the tempos of two tracks. If you have aspirations to be a club DJ then pitch shifting and time stretching need to become second nature to you. You’ll start to pick up these techniques in this session.

During the third session you’ll be developing your sound, tempo and beat matching skills further even further, with guidance and feedback from tutors. You’ll be familiarising yourself with top of the range software and hardware including iMacs, CDJ 2000s, Vinyls & Technics turntables, Ableton Live, Protools and Serato. By the end of the course, you’ll be super comfortable using all this equipment and software.

FX and how to use use them. This session gives you a deeper understanding of the DJ controller. You’ll gain hands on experience of using FX alongside your beat-mixing skills. By the end of the session you can expect to have a good grasp of the basics of FX.

Attending this session will give you an appreciation of equalization, phrasing and track selection.

All of this experience adds together to assist in achieving a single mix to captivate an audience. You are moving towards your first demo that you can use to help secure a paid set.

Take your FX skills to the next level and start experimenting with hot cues and loops. You already know the importance of avoiding ‘dead air’ so you’ll be drilled on planning and discipline. Alongside this, loops can be used to develop your own trademark sound.

Understand how and when to clean up, restructure and shorten tracks. We’ll discuss and practice what amount of pre-planning you should do for your gigs. And by mastering edits on the fly you’ll be able to keep up the excitement of a crowd. You’re starting to sound much more like a professional DJ.

In this workshop you string together the knowledge acquired in earlier sessions. You will compile a playlist and apply basic DJ skills to produce your own 30 minute set. With your newly acquired skills now could be the time to try something new, where will this take you – hip hop, deep house, EDM, grime, old-skool?

The tutors are on hand to assist you but you have a free rein on how and what you would like to play. It is a common mistake to over use favourite effects. So by recording the finished set you gain valuable feedback and improvement.

Take your experience to the next level during this hands on session and prepare your own music for a more polished DJ set. In the very first week we told you how important it is to know your music inside out. Now you get to test that knowledge.What kind of crowd do you imagine playing for and what mood will you create? How will you develop your own DJ DNA?

Pick up tips on how to structure your set to perfection. We will video and audio record your performance so you can get further tips from the tutors on anything you want to perfect.

Another workshop and more hands on time with the decks. No doubt you will want to upload your set to a platform such as Soundcloud, Mixcloud or YouTube. Before you do, pick up some tips about online distribution and make sure you don’t fall foul of copyright laws.

There is no substitute for experience but we will help prepare you for that first professional job – you’ll need to be able to think about crowd pressure and back up plans in case things go wrong. Then you can think as well as perform like a club DJ.


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