Apprenticeships: barbering


What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a work-based learning programme which includes paid employment and the achievement of recognised industry qualifications.  Students are employed by a company and work alongside experienced staff to gain skills on-the-job. In addition, they may need to attend training sessions at the Mode training centre on a regular basis throughout their apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are available at intermediate or advanced level.

Benefits to students: paid employment; paid holidays; quality training; national, industry-recognised qualifications; job-specific skills; personal development.

Benefits to business: improved productivity; staff trained to relevant, industry-recognised qualifications; higher staff motivation and retention.

Barbering apprenticeships at Mode

Employees in this profession work on their feet for much of the day. Aiming to please all sorts of customers is important, so a friendly nature and good sense of humour comes in handy. Apprentices’ own appearance is also important, as customers want to know that creating a good impression matters to the person cutting their hair.

You will learn how to give client consultations; cut hair and trim and shape facial hair. You may also choose to develop skills to colour hair or cut basic patterns in hair. Additional relevant topics like hygiene, disposing of chemicals and working in a team will also be covered as part of your apprenticeship.

At Mode we encourage our barbers to participate in both local and national competitions, we also have industry specialists showcasing their creative talents at seminars in our salon.


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